How becoming a figure in the hip hop industry happens and how it affects people.

Pictured above is late rapper “Juice Wrld”.

By: Reis Moulton

If you have listened to superstars of music you have probably wondered what it would be like to have that level of fame and recognition, and the thing is, so did they at one point. There is no platform that could shoot you to fame quicker then the hip hop industry. All it takes is one song that you can upload from the computer in your bedroom for free, to catch traction and instantly put you on the map. This form of popularity spikes throughout many new artists can be great for those looking to make a living off making music and giving them opportunity. However there are some downsides to it which I will explain.

Juice WRLD, on December 8th 2019, after he had just turned 21, suffered a seizure and died in the Chicago airport, after consuming percocets. This was a tragic passing of a hip-hop superstar. He had recently struck fame a year and a half previously off soundcloud, where he made music in his basement and his song “All girls are the same” starting gaining millions of streams. He had begun living up to his potential releasing many other hits, but right as everything seemed perfect for him he passed so young. The reason I am explaining this story is because on the surface Juice WRLD, seemed like any other, but in reality he struggled with anxiety and depression and to cope with sudden fame and spotlight decided to take drugs like percocet and codeine. Which led to his untimely passing.

This is one of many sad stories that was caused by sudden fame in the industry, from seeing these deaths and drug addictions caused by this sudden rise to fame shows that there are essential steps in having a successful career and life. You have to surround yourself with the right group of people, ones that have your best interests at heart and support you by helping you lead a healthy lifestyle. Another important thing is to understand that some of the images brought to life through music are just an artistic representation and that actually living a life that people rap or sing about is unhealthy. The only reason they do is because it is a stimulating topic and gives audiences a sense of envy that the lifestyle of rappers are drug induced partying and nothing other than that. In conclusion, becoming an icon in the hip hop community can rely on one song gaining traction, but being able to deal with success and managing to live a healthy lifestyle can be a challenge and that is something that the youth should be educated on.

Fantasy Script

Pictured above is Vancouver native, Boslen

By: Jonas Lauzon, Ethan Tong, Reis Moulton

I: Interviewer

B: Boslen


I:  WELCOME BACK TO STCB PODCAST today we’d like to welcome Vancouver’s very own Boslen! Boslen is an upcoming rapper making a huge name for himself in such a short period of time.Thank you so much for taking the time to sit down with us.

B: Thanks for having me. It’s a pleasure to be here.

I: We saw you perform in Vancouver at the 2019 Breakout summer festival hosted at the PNE as well as the AMS BBQthat took place at UBC. The crowds looked amazing. We can easily say those were two of our favourite concerts ever! What did you think about the experiences?

B: Yeah it was really something else. I can’t explain the exhilarating feeling of seeing my name “Boslen” on a list next to stars like A$AP Ferg and Young Thug and having thousands of people dancing with you to your music. It felt amazing having that much support from my fans and it was a very humbling experience.

I:  We’re glad to hear that you enjoyed yourself and you’re very appreciative of your fans. Would you say they influence things that you do specifically with your music?

B: Of course, obviously they’re the only reason any of this is possible. Without them I’d still be making beats at my moms house and trying to play rugby even after 2 terrible injuries. You’d think I’d have learned my lesson haha but I never stop at anything I’m passionate about. That’s just me, Boslen

I: Boslen, we know you’re from Chilliwack, B.C. originally. How was the transition coming to Vancouver at a relatively young age.

B: It was a very different experience not even just the environment but the hunger. Coming up was hard and I feel like everyone wanted it just as much as I did. It wasn’t about making it out of the city it was about being at the top of it.

I: Tell us about your new project BLACK LOTUS”  that you just released. Are you happy with the success of it?

Boslen’s “Black Lotus Ep

B: Yes I can say that I’m very satisfied with the outcome. It was an adventure. Writing and recording the tape took me six months and all I could focus on was the album and making it my best project to date. I barely stopped working on it and when I did it was to eat and sleep. 

I: While you were working on it what were your days like? Was the “Hip-Hop” aspect of it what you intended? We know that prior to this project your last project in 2018 Motionless II”, definitely had more of an R&B vibe to it.

B: Every day we’d wake up, work on it, eat, then sleep. Some days we’d have our first meal at 8 at night. It was tough but all worth it in the outcome. After my success with my hiphop-esque singles (Hidden Nights, Eye for an Eye) in early 2019 it showed how much I was capable of and what I could do in the hiphop industry.

I:  Well Boslen we appreciate you for coming today and we hope to follow up with you soon. Make sure to support a local hip-hop artist and check outBLACK LOTUSnow out on all streaming platforms. 


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Sound Wish list

By: Ethan Tong, Reis Moulton and Jonas Lauzon

Sound plays a big part in all types of medias. In our case we are looking for sounds that relate to our topic, hip-hop, and sets a calm and relaxed tone or chill vibes but also a slightly comical tone.

Wish list:

  1. Intro/ Outro music (Produced by yours truly)
  2. Lofi or Calming beats for the background
  3. Bleep/Censor for any unexpected swearing from guests
  4. MLG air horn
  5. Travis Scott or other artist “adlibs” (It’s Lit!, Straight up! etc.)
  6. Short clips of songs or albums or artists that are relevant to the topic of the episode
  7. Comical Sound effects (Laugh or mocking etc.)
  8. Buzzer sound
  9. WOMP WOMP Sound
  10. Signature sounds from us

Streeter Interview

Transcription of Street interview conducted by STCB

Reis Moulton, Ethan Tong, Jonas Lauzon 2-2/2-3


Jonas: Hey guys it’s Jonas, Reis and Ethan from the STCB podcast!

Reis: And today we’re going to be asking random strangers on what their thoughts are on the reputation of the hip hop community.

Ethan: Let’s do it!

Interview 1

Jonas: What are your thoughts on Hip Hop’s reputation?

Stranger: Um, I think it has recently been getting a negative reputation as there are a lot of sexual content that is being put out in the media. Thank you

Jonas: Thank you.

Interview 2

Jonas: What are your thoughts on Hip Hop’s reputation?

Stranger 2: I think that too many kids are playing it in their earbuds, and then they think they are hip hop artists when they’re not. Then they wear their pants low, showing parts of themselves that are not appropriate. And it leads to drug usage.

Jonas: Thank you.

Interview 3

Jonas: What are your thoughts on Hip Hop’s reputation?

Stranger 3: Um, I think that there are very many different styles that help in our community but some “Hip Hoppers” take like drug usage and affect teenagers in our society. 

Jonas: Thank you.

Interview 4

Jonas: What are your thoughts on Hip Hop’s reputation?

Stranger 4: I think that hip hop has a different reputation in different age groups, for example with parents a lot of the time hip hop doesn’t have the best reputation because they talk a lot about guns, drugs, sex and they disrespect women in a lot of the lyrics. But obviously that is not all hip hop. But yeah I think hip hop doesn’t have the best reputation especially in the older community but that does not mean that it is bad music, it does not mean that it is a bad culture.

Jonas: Thank you for taking the time to answer in depth.

Interview 5

Jonas: What are your thoughts on Hip Hop’s reputation?

Stranger 5: I don’t think that i share the same values then what the hip hop community represents and I don’t think that this is the best choice of music for the younger generation to listen to. Because they mostly talk about money, drugs, anger, violence.

Jonas: Thank you.

Reverse Interview: When Kanye West has 24hrs to release an album he calls this company (Rolling Stones, Elias Leight December 31st, 2019 )

Pictured above is Kanye West’s latest studio album (his ninth) “Jesus is King”.

By: Ethan Tong, Jonas Lauzon, Reis Moulton

Overview                                                                                                                                          Kanye West’s management team requested assistance in putting Jesus is Born, Kanye West’s 9th studio album, onto streaming services in less than 24 hours through the tech company Vydia. Kanye’s team believed Vydia was the best and fastest way to get the new album available to stream on all platforms as soon as possible, and they weren’t wrong. 

Direct quotes                                                                                                                                    “(We made) Almost a million dollars in the first year,” LaManna, Vydia CEO

  • Possible Questions asked: How much did you make in the first year? Was it hard starting up as a new business in such a competitive market?

“If an artist wants a five million dollar deal, that’s not what we’re in business to do, and that’s not a smart place for us to compete,” LaManna says

  • Possible Questions asked: What are your thoughts or views on multimillion dollar deals? Would you ever make a multimillion dollar deal?

“75% of our company is tech. That’s not the makeup of Orchard or Empire. We don’t have a huge A&R and sales team. And when we get more money, we put it into tech, rather than A&R guys. Everything is back-end.”

  • Possible Questions asked: What is your company made up of? Does your company rely on technology?

“The idea that we can get something live and deliver it to all DSPs within hours on Christmas Day really speaks volumes about the infrastructure we’re building.” says LaManna

  • Possible Questions asked: How impressed are you with your company? Are there any aspects of your company that you are proud of? How big is your company becoming?

Indirect quotes                                                                                                                       LaManna likens Vydia to Amazon Web Services

  • Possible Questions asked: What platform/service would you compare your company to? 

LaManna founded Vydia in 2013 after a stint in video production and music marketing

  • Possible Questions asked: What gave you the idea to start this company? When was it founded?

Questions we would ask Roy LaManna                                                                                      1 1. What plan of action would you take if an artist facing controversy or has a bad reputation reaches out to your company? How do you think it would affect your company?

2. What were your initial thoughts when Kanye first started to put out music based around his religion?

3. Do artists typically come to you or is it the other way around?

4. With new artists and the use of technology rising, how do you think this will affect your company?

5. Where do you see your company in 10 years?

6. Do you have plans to expand and partner with other companies in the future?

Shattered Glass Analysis

Pictured above is the promotional poster for the film “Shattered Glass”.

By: Jonas Lauzon, Reis Moulton, Ethan Tong

February 1998, a journalist from the New Republic by the name of Stephen Glass was caught fabricating stories and later exposed to the world. In 2003, a movie was made about the event called “Shattered Glass”which dove deeper into the story and included some excellent examples of journalism and interviewing. A few of the examples that stood out to us were the following.

Studying behaviours and finding personalities/characters is very important in how you interact and talk with your guests.Understanding personality allows people to predict how others will respond to certain situations (in this case questions and comments) and the sorts of things they prefer and value.

It is crucial to record everything and take notes about every detail you see while interviewing someone. This will make it easier to backtrack something if a piece of clothing or object in the room is brought up in the interview. 

The goal while interviewing someone is to get as much information about them and or the subject as possible. Trust plays a big role as it can be used in a manipulative way to make the person being interviewed vulnerable to give you more information. The more comfortable they are with you the more information you can get out of them.

Make sure your information is coming from a reliable source. A writer should always make sure their information is one hundred percent accurate by fact checking before publishing it. This to prevent any miss information or confusion about the subject.

When interviewing make sure to carefully choose questions depending on research that you have made on your guest. Optimizing questions for the most important information that they can give you is key to a good interview.

In conclusion, Shattered Glass is a great example of what happens when good techniques are not used and information is fabricated. To be successful these tips can push you in the right direction for success.

What role does hip-hop play in the youth and how did “gangster rap” create a new perspective/era of hip-hop?

Pictured above is Kendrick Lamar

By: Ethan Tong

In the past few years Hip-Hop music has taken over the music industry, and completely taken over the billboard charts. Hip-Hop has been very popular within the youth and affected a lot of the culture, including the way the youth dress, act and speak. The youth are attracted to Hip-Hop because it brings people energy, is often relatable and is also a strong unique form of art. Because this genre has taken the youth by storm, youth have begun to closely follow many different artists and producers looking up to them as role models. This new “generation” of youth and artists/producers is especially tightly knit as they are in the same age range, ranging from 16-25, creating an instant connection. This creates a culture in which these creators and their fans can meet on a mutual level and interact and participate within this group. A great example of this connection can be linked to Young Thug. Known as one of this generation’s greatest hip hop influencers, he originally burst into the hip hop scene with his popular album “1017 Thug” in 2013 which attracted a large amount of fans to this genre. 6 years later he released “So Much Fun” with new younger artists that have generated lots of popularity amongst the youth like Lil Uzi Vert, Gunna and Lil Baby.

All music genres can be relatable but there has been a special connection between hiphop and the youth for a while now. Recently artists have been implementing their political views into there music which so far has been very well received by the public. A large amount of rappers these days have come from a tough upbringing which is a huge influence in their music. An example of one of these hip hop artists is Kendrick Lamar Duckworth or Kendrick Lamar. Kendrick Lamar witnessed his first murder at age five outside his apartment. “A guy was out there serving his narcotics and somebody rolled up with a shotgun and blew his chest out. Admittedly, it did something to me right then and there. It let me know that this is not only something that I’m looking at, but it’s something that maybe I have to get used to.” Three years later, Kendrick would see his second murder. This time it was at the Tam’s Burgers on Central and East Rosecrans which was an iconic compton hangout spot that is now closed.

It’s extremely sad and unfortunate that people go through these ordeals on a daily basis but that’s also what makes Hip Hop so powerful. The story that was just shared by Kendrick is just one of the countless examples of senseless violence in the world. With power and fame, rappers such as Kendrick, might inspire others  to share their stories in different ways and one of which is rap. Of course there’s another part of the culture which is the rich “fun” lifestyle side. Artists will often “flex” and show off their wealth with jewelry, money, luxuries most can’t afford and women. With this, I believe it would be a great topic to cover in an episode or half of one because I feel like not a lot of people realize the meaning behind certain songs or albums and we could be teaching lots of people about this. We want people to see past the negative concepts of hip hop and see that it is actually a form of art and expression. 

How hip-hop varies around the world

Pictured above is rapper “Saint Jhn”.

By: Jonas Lauzon

Hip-hop is all around the world nowadays. It can be found in every country and every city. However, its sound may vary depending on where in the world it comes from. Hip-hop has multiple forms of sounds as there are thousands of different instruments that can be used to create it. Although it all falls under the same genre, hip-hop has one of the largest varieties of music today. From hardcore gangster rap to a smoother sound, hip-hop can tell you a story you won’t forget. Recently, hip-hop music has had a very negative connotation around itself. Yes a lot of hip-hop music talks about sex, guns, drugs and all sorts of violence but if you listen in between the lines you can find a very moving style of music that can put you in a good mood. Depending on the artist you listen to you can find a beautiful style of poetry that speaks volumes and will leave you speechless.  

 These sounds all depend on the artists culture, religion, race and city. For example, rapper Carlos St. John, better known by his stage name, “SAINt JHN”. He was born in Guyana but raised in Brooklyn, New-York. This isn’t a very common mix of culture and Carlos uses this to his advantage by implementing his Caribbean descent into the sound of his music. By listening to his songs you can hear how he uses his culture as a large influence in his sound. As you can imagine, SAINt JHN has very original sound of hip-hop unlike any other artist. Right now, Carlos has a rapid growing fan base as he just released a collection  album with features from A Boogie wit da Hoodie and Meek Mill. Carlos is also on tour around both Canada and the United States. He has recently come to Vancouver and made a big appearance in the city. This has been bringing lots of attention his way and he will continue to grow not only in following and streams but also as an artist.

This shows that the sound of hip-hop is forever changing around the world and will continue to change over the course of time. Hip-hop is much more complex than most of us think and is much deeper than most people portray it. It has a large impact on society today as it talks about popular yet controversial and sensitive topics in the media. As the genre continues to gain popularity, no matter where you’re from, we are all surrounded by hip-hop and it will continue to evolve around us.

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