How hip-hop varies around the world

Pictured above is rapper “Saint Jhn”.

By: Jonas Lauzon

Hip-hop is all around the world nowadays. It can be found in every country and every city. However, its sound may vary depending on where in the world it comes from. Hip-hop has multiple forms of sounds as there are thousands of different instruments that can be used to create it. Although it all falls under the same genre, hip-hop has one of the largest varieties of music today. From hardcore gangster rap to a smoother sound, hip-hop can tell you a story you won’t forget. Recently, hip-hop music has had a very negative connotation around itself. Yes a lot of hip-hop music talks about sex, guns, drugs and all sorts of violence but if you listen in between the lines you can find a very moving style of music that can put you in a good mood. Depending on the artist you listen to you can find a beautiful style of poetry that speaks volumes and will leave you speechless.  

 These sounds all depend on the artists culture, religion, race and city. For example, rapper Carlos St. John, better known by his stage name, “SAINt JHN”. He was born in Guyana but raised in Brooklyn, New-York. This isn’t a very common mix of culture and Carlos uses this to his advantage by implementing his Caribbean descent into the sound of his music. By listening to his songs you can hear how he uses his culture as a large influence in his sound. As you can imagine, SAINt JHN has very original sound of hip-hop unlike any other artist. Right now, Carlos has a rapid growing fan base as he just released a collection  album with features from A Boogie wit da Hoodie and Meek Mill. Carlos is also on tour around both Canada and the United States. He has recently come to Vancouver and made a big appearance in the city. This has been bringing lots of attention his way and he will continue to grow not only in following and streams but also as an artist.

This shows that the sound of hip-hop is forever changing around the world and will continue to change over the course of time. Hip-hop is much more complex than most of us think and is much deeper than most people portray it. It has a large impact on society today as it talks about popular yet controversial and sensitive topics in the media. As the genre continues to gain popularity, no matter where you’re from, we are all surrounded by hip-hop and it will continue to evolve around us.

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