Season 1


We present to you the STCB podcast. An experience that will leave you more than impressed and wanting more. This is the hottest podcast in the hip hop game and has much more to offer than any other podcast you’ve heard before. We dive deep into the hottest and most controversial topics in the news and give our take on them. Not only will we have serious discussions, but we will also have lighthearted conversations throughout and talk about new music releases from the week.

Most people have experienced listening to hip hop music in some shape or form. Although, only a small amount of them have actually looked into the community of this genre of music. When hearing about hip hop, a large majority of people think of gang related activities and violence especially promotion of guns and drugs. They believe it’s a lower form of music than others and over the years has built up a negative reputation for itself. This is where our podcast comes into play, to inform our audience on the truth and false portrayal about the hip hop community.

In our first episode, we confront the blaring issue of the media falsely portraying the hip hop community and deteriorating its reputation, which is already flawed. This story is important as a large amount of people’s lives have been affected by this negative stigma. Throughout the episode, we will discuss bias interviews, fake or overexaggerated news stories and other issues that have arisen. Recently there has been some controversy in the news surrounding hip-hop and it’s a great example of poor media coverage and how the media portrays this culture. Rapper Clifford Joseph Harris, Jr., better known as TI was under scrutiny for admitting he gets his daughter, Deyjah, to get yearly hymen checks. The media immediately jumped on TI accusing him of being possessive and controlling, some would even call this disgusting. What we, as the public, aren’t directly shown or directed to, is the fact that TI and his wife were both present during the first check and all 3 of them consented. Although, this is still a controversial topic, this side of the story definitely shows a new perspective and takes a bit off the edge. We cannot lie, there are some actions taken by people in this community that are unforgivable and deserve punishment, but can you not say the same for any other genre of music? There will always be a bad apple in the bunch but because of the negative reputation given to hip hop, the genre is isolated and rebuked as a lower form of artists, even if they work harder than any others. 

Why us? Simple, we have a passion and wish to share it with you. We are three teenagers who are very close friends and each maintain a love for this genre of music and it’s unique community. For over 4 years we have had numerous experiences involving the hip hop community, such as concerts, clothing sales, studying interviews and podcasts as a matter of fact, and countless hours of listening to all arrays of the wide genre. Our extensive expertise on this topic will provide the listener with knowledge that leaves them in trust of our judgements and allow them to feel comfortable listening, no matter what your knowledge is about the hip hop community. This podcast will be different from any others you’ve heard in the past. 

We have chosen to use podcasting as our main platform of production because it has recently started to take over in the media industry and we believe we can capitalize on this sudden surge of popularity and diversify our audience. It is also a form of expression that engages and creates a more personal connection between us (the hosts), and you (the listener). We are dedicated to creating the best quality content for our listeners so when you press play, you’ve entered our world of music and friends. At the end of each episode we want you, the audience, to continue the rest of your day reflecting on the episode and always walking away satisfied and wanting more.

To conclude, our podcasts focus is to educate and inform people who are interested in diving deeper into the hip hop culture, and to keep fans of the genre up to date and immerse them in current topics that are relevant to this community. Thank you for taking the time to read our pitch and we hope to see you on the first episode!

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