How becoming a figure in the hip hop industry happens and how it affects people.

Pictured above is late rapper “Juice Wrld”.

By: Reis Moulton

If you have listened to superstars of music you have probably wondered what it would be like to have that level of fame and recognition, and the thing is, so did they at one point. There is no platform that could shoot you to fame quicker then the hip hop industry. All it takes is one song that you can upload from the computer in your bedroom for free, to catch traction and instantly put you on the map. This form of popularity spikes throughout many new artists can be great for those looking to make a living off making music and giving them opportunity. However there are some downsides to it which I will explain.

Juice WRLD, on December 8th 2019, after he had just turned 21, suffered a seizure and died in the Chicago airport, after consuming percocets. This was a tragic passing of a hip-hop superstar. He had recently struck fame a year and a half previously off soundcloud, where he made music in his basement and his song “All girls are the same” starting gaining millions of streams. He had begun living up to his potential releasing many other hits, but right as everything seemed perfect for him he passed so young. The reason I am explaining this story is because on the surface Juice WRLD, seemed like any other, but in reality he struggled with anxiety and depression and to cope with sudden fame and spotlight decided to take drugs like percocet and codeine. Which led to his untimely passing.

This is one of many sad stories that was caused by sudden fame in the industry, from seeing these deaths and drug addictions caused by this sudden rise to fame shows that there are essential steps in having a successful career and life. You have to surround yourself with the right group of people, ones that have your best interests at heart and support you by helping you lead a healthy lifestyle. Another important thing is to understand that some of the images brought to life through music are just an artistic representation and that actually living a life that people rap or sing about is unhealthy. The only reason they do is because it is a stimulating topic and gives audiences a sense of envy that the lifestyle of rappers are drug induced partying and nothing other than that. In conclusion, becoming an icon in the hip hop community can rely on one song gaining traction, but being able to deal with success and managing to live a healthy lifestyle can be a challenge and that is something that the youth should be educated on.

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