Sound Wish list

By: Ethan Tong, Reis Moulton and Jonas Lauzon

Sound plays a big part in all types of medias. In our case we are looking for sounds that relate to our topic, hip-hop, and sets a calm and relaxed tone or chill vibes but also a slightly comical tone.

Wish list:

  1. Intro/ Outro music (Produced by yours truly)
  2. Lofi or Calming beats for the background
  3. Bleep/Censor for any unexpected swearing from guests
  4. MLG air horn
  5. Travis Scott or other artist “adlibs” (It’s Lit!, Straight up! etc.)
  6. Short clips of songs or albums or artists that are relevant to the topic of the episode
  7. Comical Sound effects (Laugh or mocking etc.)
  8. Buzzer sound
  9. WOMP WOMP Sound
  10. Signature sounds from us

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