Reverse Interview: When Kanye West has 24hrs to release an album he calls this company (Rolling Stones, Elias Leight December 31st, 2019 )

Pictured above is Kanye West’s latest studio album (his ninth) “Jesus is King”.

By: Ethan Tong, Jonas Lauzon, Reis Moulton

Overview                                                                                                                                          Kanye West’s management team requested assistance in putting Jesus is Born, Kanye West’s 9th studio album, onto streaming services in less than 24 hours through the tech company Vydia. Kanye’s team believed Vydia was the best and fastest way to get the new album available to stream on all platforms as soon as possible, and they weren’t wrong. 

Direct quotes                                                                                                                                    “(We made) Almost a million dollars in the first year,” LaManna, Vydia CEO

  • Possible Questions asked: How much did you make in the first year? Was it hard starting up as a new business in such a competitive market?

“If an artist wants a five million dollar deal, that’s not what we’re in business to do, and that’s not a smart place for us to compete,” LaManna says

  • Possible Questions asked: What are your thoughts or views on multimillion dollar deals? Would you ever make a multimillion dollar deal?

“75% of our company is tech. That’s not the makeup of Orchard or Empire. We don’t have a huge A&R and sales team. And when we get more money, we put it into tech, rather than A&R guys. Everything is back-end.”

  • Possible Questions asked: What is your company made up of? Does your company rely on technology?

“The idea that we can get something live and deliver it to all DSPs within hours on Christmas Day really speaks volumes about the infrastructure we’re building.” says LaManna

  • Possible Questions asked: How impressed are you with your company? Are there any aspects of your company that you are proud of? How big is your company becoming?

Indirect quotes                                                                                                                       LaManna likens Vydia to Amazon Web Services

  • Possible Questions asked: What platform/service would you compare your company to? 

LaManna founded Vydia in 2013 after a stint in video production and music marketing

  • Possible Questions asked: What gave you the idea to start this company? When was it founded?

Questions we would ask Roy LaManna                                                                                      1 1. What plan of action would you take if an artist facing controversy or has a bad reputation reaches out to your company? How do you think it would affect your company?

2. What were your initial thoughts when Kanye first started to put out music based around his religion?

3. Do artists typically come to you or is it the other way around?

4. With new artists and the use of technology rising, how do you think this will affect your company?

5. Where do you see your company in 10 years?

6. Do you have plans to expand and partner with other companies in the future?

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