Shattered Glass Analysis

Pictured above is the promotional poster for the film “Shattered Glass”.

By: Jonas Lauzon, Reis Moulton, Ethan Tong

February 1998, a journalist from the New Republic by the name of Stephen Glass was caught fabricating stories and later exposed to the world. In 2003, a movie was made about the event called “Shattered Glass”which dove deeper into the story and included some excellent examples of journalism and interviewing. A few of the examples that stood out to us were the following.

Studying behaviours and finding personalities/characters is very important in how you interact and talk with your guests.Understanding personality allows people to predict how others will respond to certain situations (in this case questions and comments) and the sorts of things they prefer and value.

It is crucial to record everything and take notes about every detail you see while interviewing someone. This will make it easier to backtrack something if a piece of clothing or object in the room is brought up in the interview. 

The goal while interviewing someone is to get as much information about them and or the subject as possible. Trust plays a big role as it can be used in a manipulative way to make the person being interviewed vulnerable to give you more information. The more comfortable they are with you the more information you can get out of them.

Make sure your information is coming from a reliable source. A writer should always make sure their information is one hundred percent accurate by fact checking before publishing it. This to prevent any miss information or confusion about the subject.

When interviewing make sure to carefully choose questions depending on research that you have made on your guest. Optimizing questions for the most important information that they can give you is key to a good interview.

In conclusion, Shattered Glass is a great example of what happens when good techniques are not used and information is fabricated. To be successful these tips can push you in the right direction for success.

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